About Following Hannah


For eight years, doctors told me that I couldn’t have children. In 2005, I found out that the Lord had other plans. In August of 2006, I gave birth to my daughter Diddle. Four month later, I was pregnant with my son, Hubby.  But the Lord wasn’t through with me yet.

Five years ago, at my lowest, I found my way back to the Lord, a journey that had started thirty years before. His love began to change me from the inside out, and my life took a very different direction than I had ever imagined for myself.  I began homeschooling my kids and teaching them all about the Lord. And when little Hubby was six, he told us that the Lord had called him to be a pastor, and our lives changed forever.

A few weeks later, as we read the story of Hannah and her promise—and decision—to give Samuel back to God, my heart broke. I realized that my journey wasn’t just my journey anymore. I realized that the children the Lord had blessed me with were the Lord’s, and, as amazingly hard as it was to make, I made the decision to follow Hannah’s example. An example that would be difficult, testing, and sometimes extremely heart-wrenching.

But it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made.

And so I will give them unto the Lord…

1 Samuel 1