It’s About Persistence

“I’m going to do it.”

Those five little words are said so often, but so often they are meaningless.

We say them in passing. We say them in earnest. We say them in just about every way possible, but we are not always so good at actually following through with what those words actually say.

Today my daughter Diddle taught me a lesson based on just those words.

After re-reading Chronicles (her favorite books of the Bible), my daughter Diddle decided that she wanted to make a family tree for Jesus. She wasn’t sure how to do it or if she could do it, but she decided she was going to do it. More than one person told her it would be a long, tedious job and that she may not be able to figure it out, but she was determined that she would.

It’s taken her a good while to go through and figure out how to do it, but today she did just that. She sat down at the table all on her own and started. She sat there for almost two hours and taped paper after paper together and made a long timeline from Adam to Jesus right down His family tree.

When she finished up, she was thrilled. She could see it all before her, and she was so fascinated to see how so many of the people she has read about and studied in school all fit together. Connection after connection came to life before her eyes, and she was so excited to tell us all her discoveries.

Although she is only in fifth grade, Diddle did something today that so many of us fail to do: she actually did what she set out to do. And from that triumph, I learned that life and learning is about persistence. She set out to do it, and she did. What a wonderful victory for her and for the Lord as He showed her that she can do it if she sticks to it!

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