Trying to See Through Christ’s Eyes


I’ve seen so many articles on the Townville shootings tonight. It’s a local school, and this senseless violence reached people in my own community. And as much as I wish I could say that there aren’t agendas already at work in the coverage of this tragedy, I can’t. This is not about guns. And it is certainly not about the child being homeschooled. But the fears from these agendas are already spreading.


I’ll be perfectly honest: I can’t say that part of me doesn’t want to panic or judge. The devil whispers in my ear that this will be just another reason for our state to crack down on homeschooling as they have tried in the past, and I could easily give in to that fear that hits so close to home.


But if I look at this through Christ’s eyes, as my pastor so wisely suggested this evening in his sermon, all I can see is what Christ saw: a world in need of a Savior.


There’s a Jesus-sized hole in so many hearts. I know. I had one so big it felt like there was a black hole in my soul. And I’ve seen it over and over again.


I know plenty of people would not agree. But I can say with no hesitation that we’re living in a world of lonely, scared, and troubled people. I know that firsthand, on so many levels. I’ve felt the pain of being a victim of a senseless crime, a crime driven by the need to feel powerful in a world where we’re powerless.  I’ve seen these things in the people I’ve counseled, from the drug users on suicide watch to the “rehabilitated” sex offenders who loved how prison made them “pros” at getting away with it.


We all need a Savior. That young man included.


So tonight I’ll pray that we can all stop for a moment and look at this through Jesus’s eyes. I’ll pray for His peace for the victims’ families and for His healing touch to make well those who were injured. I’ll pray for Him to comfort and encourage the students, faculty, and staff of Townville Elementary and the people in that community. And I’ll pray for Him to place as many opportunities as He can in the lives of those who need to find Him, that young man included. And I hope you’ll pray that, too.


“When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.” Matthew 9:36

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